1. Clean the sunglasses with a microfiber cloth
Smudges occur. The culprit is excess cosmetics, pizza grease or some other obvious paste, please skip paper towels and facial tissues. Trust us: please buy high-quality microfiber cloth. Materials such as paper towels and paper towels may feel soft to the touch, but actually contain dangerous particles. Although these tiny plastics and woods are invisible to the naked eye, they can cause abrasions and micro-abrasions. These abrasions can scratch your lens and reduce its quality over time.



2. Wash the sunglasses with mild soap and warm water
From time to time, you will encounter spots or stains, and the wonders of microfiber cloth cannot even be solved. For those stubborn streaks, it's time to break the big deal: soap and water. Of course, not all soaps are the same! Stay away from most shower gels, soaps and shampoos. Surface cleaners like Windex cannot be used at all due to their ammonia content. Instead, get a mild, pH-neutral hand sanitizer that does not contain any chemicals.




3. Keep the mirror lens away from salt water
A little "vitamin sea" may do wonders for your mood and skin. But for sunglasses, salt water is a serious threat, especially if you wear polarized or mirrored lenses. Salt water contains ions that accelerate the decomposition of metals. Unfortunately, this is what makes the mirror lens super-reflective. Varnishes and coatings are also easily damaged when exposed to salt water, which poses a serious danger to polarized and anti-reflective lenses. Basically, when you put the beach bag together, choose the shade of traditional lenses. Or at least, do your best to make your sunglasses safe and dry during the beach.



4. Check the screws and tighten them if needed
If you own a car, you may regularly change the oil and tire rotation for maintenance. These few maintenance measures can make the miracle of long-term smooth operation work. Sunglasses are not complicated machinery, but with a little care and maintenance, they will still benefit. If you take the time to make regular adjustments, then your shadows will bring you a lot of extra mileage. Most importantly, eyewear adjustments can provide many benefits at very little cost. Unlike car repairs, they will not spend a full week's salary. With some affordable tools, you can make adjustments yourself on a regular basis. Next time you are in a pharmacy or supermarket, please pick up the glasses kit and place it in a drawer or glove box in the kitchen.

Check the screws of the sunglasses every 2-3 months. If they are loose or shaken, please tighten them gently with a small screwdriver. In addition to maintaining a comfortable fit, regular tightening can also protect the hinges of the sunglasses and prevent accidental bending of the frame.